Kids Aerobics?

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SWBAT identify the author's point and the reasons for the author's point.

Big Idea

Believe it or not there really are kids aerobic classes. Why? Teach students to be proactive in their healthy lifestyle.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

The standard asks students to locate the author's point in an informational text, and find the reasons that support that point.  Students do this by reading closely, analyzing text structure, sentence structure, and really thinking about what the author is saying.  The other standard in this lesson is to write an informational piece using a topic sentence and closure. 

Lesson Overview

This is the last lesson in the unit on finding the author's point so I selected on text, How Much Physical Activity Do Children Need? For the partner work I chose How to Keep Kids Safe which is about not exercising too much at first.  The students are going to find the author's purpose with guided practice, and then they write an informational paragraph or two about the topic complete a graphic organizer. 

Introductory Activity

I project the lesson image on the board and ask the students to talk to their partner about what they think about exercise.  This gets them talking about their own point of view. Then I assess what they know.  Next, I share the lesson plan and ask the class to chant the lesson goal. We chant, "I can identify the author's point and reasons that support their point."

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes