How Supportive can you be?

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SWBAT support a claim with text based evidence.

Big Idea

I know you think so, but can you SUPPORT it?

What's the Reason?

10 minutes

In the previous lesson, "What do you Claim," my students read their two research articles and made a list of important ideas presented in the text.

Today, the students will look at their list and try to combine and generalize them into 2-4 reasons.   I will explain that I want these reasons to be general and easy to support.  I'll model generating some reasons by using a sample claim, and I'll talk through what type of evidence I might find in my articles.  I'll tell students that, ideally, three reasons would be great, but in some cases, two or four may work.  

 I will have students check their work with a shoulder partner, plus I will be monitoring them and helping them do this.  In the past, my students have had trouble generalizing reasons of their own.  I can only imagine that it will be more difficult with textual reasons.  

Once the students have found their reasons, I'll have them add them to the tree map.  You will notice that the tree map is color coded.  I am going to have students assign a color to each reason.  They can begin that process now by underlining or highlighting each reason in a different color.  I am hoping that this helps them stay organized throughout the entire process.

Close Reading

20 minutes

Now, I will have the students do some careful, close reading with their three reasons in mind.  As they reread each article, they will look for support for each reason.  I am going to recommend that students begin with reason one.  I'll have them read the article looking for anything that supports it, and highlight or underline that evidence in the color they chose.  I'll ask them to repeat this process of reading, searching, and color coding for their other reasons as well.

I do have some students who can multi-task and find evidence for multiple reasons at one time. I feel that most of my students will be better off rereading the article for each reason. 

Student Example

One More

Fill in the Gaps

15 minutes

I anticipate that some of my students will need to find additional research on one or more of their reasons.  Some of my students have been using their iphones or other devices to do this, but I have still planned some time in the computer lab tomorrow for them to fill in these gaps.  I have told students that some of their reasons may not be fully supported by research, in that case for this assignment, we are going to give that reason the ax.  

Here's what I saw...

I really want my students to understand that consulting "experts" helps add more credibility to their arguments.  With CCS, students must know how to support their opinions using textual evidence.  This project is one way to help them learn how to do this, and hopefully, see the importance of it!