Game On!: How Well Can You Skim the Text?

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to comprehend what they are reading through answering text dependent questions.

Big Idea

How can I show understanding of a text I have read?

Warm Up

10 minutes

This week students have been working on reading non-fiction text for comprehension, skimming the text for evidence to answer questions, and answering questions using evidence from the text. To activate prior knowledge, I show students the anchor chart for skimming the text for information (see resources for chart) of the process of reading actively and answering text dependent questions. We go over the chart as a group. I tell students that they are going to take a practice run with a short passage. I leave the chart up as we move into a short guided practice.

Scrimmage: Let's Practice

20 minutes

Students are given a short paragraph from a non-fiction text. I don’t model this time but just have students use the process to answer two multiple choice questions and one open response text dependent question. I remind students to review the anchor chart as a  reminder of what to do. Throughout the week, students have had to answer several different questions that apply their knowledge of several Common Core standards, but the focus has been on how to answer these questions. I set the timer for 5 minutes. I do this so students will pace themselves. Pacing themselves during a test has been a challenge for my students, so I've been using a timer to keep them focused on the task at hand. As students are working, I circulate the room to encourage students to use the strategies we've been working with this week.

Game Time Assessment

20 minutes

At this time, I give students an assessment to see how well they can apply the strategies we've been working with during this unit. During this time, students read a passage and then answer text dependent questions. Students have to show evidence of skimming by circling words in the questions that they can use to skim the text. Students also have to show evidence of finding clues in the passage by underlining key information. Lastly, students have to show evidence that they know how to use the questions and the information from the text to answer the open response questions in complete sentences. I give students a set time so they are pacing themselves and are able to complete the assessment. During this time, I circulate the room just to keep students on task. I don't offer any help because I want to see how well students are applying the strategies on their own.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

To wrap up the lesson, we go over the test. I spent some time earlier in the year teaching my students how to grade their papers. This allows me to give instant feedback and discuss students responses. Sometimes students discuss their responses in pairs, groups, or in this case as a whole group. This gives me an opportunity to review one more time and go over misconceptions. Students are also able to see their results immediately and discuss mistakes.