Main Idea and Text Structures

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SWBAT identify the main idea and text structure of a passage.

Big Idea

Students are pushed to identify main idea and text structure!

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

Before working with text structure today, I want the students to recall the terms and definitions.  To do this, I will have the students sort the terms and definitions with their shoulder partner.  We have done this before, but it is familiar and will still require them to recall the information they have learned. 

It will also give me a good assessment of how they retained the information.  I will monitor their work as I circulate through the room. Students' Completed Sort

Finally, I will review with the class the correct answers and have them check their work.  

Guided/Independent Practice

25 minutes

The students have been working on main idea and text structure over the course of this unit.  To tie them both together, I will have the students work on the passages I have provided.  I will allow them to use the notes they have taken in their spirals,  and work with a partner.  This is still practice and a good way for me to gain an assessment of their abilities.  

I will model using the first passage.  This will help them see how using the steps and my resources can assist me during this activity. 

I am anticipating this task to be much more challenging than the students realize.  The hard part with having them work on main idea or pulling out the main idea is that they do not know they are wrong until I correct them.  This is going to require a lot of leg work on my part.  I want to be circulating the entire time, checking in with the students.  I know I will have to remind them to follow the steps for each passage. 

I will also have the students use ALL of their resources.  We took notes in an earlier lesson on text structure and determining main idea.  I will require that the students use these notes when working with these passages.  The reason why I require it is because they will not use them if they are not pushed to.  They want to just get it done and are not in the habit of using the notes we take during the application aspect of the lesson.  So, I will push!

As the students are working, I will circulate through the room to check their answers, reteach as needed, and even work with struggling students.  

Once the students have finished, or we have run out of time, I will display the handout onto the board and discuss the correct answers.  I think it is important for the students to hear the reasoning behind the answers so those students who are struggling can see how we figured out the main idea and the text structure.  



Literature Group

25 minutes

We have been reading the book, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen during our Literature Groups each day. Today, we will begin in our Literature Groups by working on the questions for chapter 15 and 16.  I am going to have the students work on the questions with their groups for about 15-20 minutes.  Then, I'll collect one group set of questions for a grade.  

 Next, we will read the next two chapters of Hatchet-17 and 18.  As we read, we will focus on finding the main idea of this chapter.  


5 minutes

Knowing that today's lesson will be challenging, I want the students to reflect on their learning and process what was so difficult.  I think it is important for them to take ownership over their learning and this is a great way to allow them to do that.  It also allows for an assessment of their understanding. 

I will have the students complete a closure slip, then collect them to use for assessment and future planning.