Calculator Activity: Transformations of Trig Functions (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT identity the amplitude, period, horizontal shift, and vertical shift in the equation f(x)= a sin(bx +c)+d, and the effect that these parameters have upon the graph of the function.

Big Idea

Students use their calculators to adjust the parameters of trig functions and draw conclusions on how these parameters effect the graph.

Calculator Activity: Trig Transformations

40 minutes

This is a continuation of yesterday’s lesson. Students should pick up where they left off with their work on the handout Basic_Trig Transformations_Student. Today, I set the goal of having students complete the remainder of this assignment. However, if students need more time the lesson could be closed out at the start of class tomorrow. Today, students will begin to explore how to write the equation of a trigonometric function based on its graph. Students will also practice how to write cosine functions in terms of sine functions.

I choose to begin class today by reviewing question 4 as many of my students had difficulty with this yesterday. See the Horizontal Shifting with Trig Functions reflection if you want more details on how I approached helping my students with this question.

A detailed lesson plan as well as additional resources can be found as published by Texas Instrument here.

Closure: Summary and Clicker Questions

10 minutes

Once students have worked through the calculator activity, I plan to help students summarize their learning by presenting pages 4-5 of the Flipchart_Shifting Trig Functions.pdf. Using page 4, I want to insure that students understand the basic shape of the parent functions of sine and cosine.

  • What are some key features of these graphs? 
  • What’s similar? 
  • What’s different? 

Then using page 5, I want to make sure that student have copied this information in their notes for future reference. After, I will have students answer the clicker questions on pages 7-11 of the flipchart if there is still time. If not, I will use these questions as a warm-up for tomorrow’s lesson.