Calculator Activity: Transformations of Trig Functions (Day 1 of 2)

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SWBAT identity the amplitude, period, horizontal shift, and vertical shift in the equation f(x)= a sin(bx +c)+d, and the effect that these parameters have upon the graph of the function.

Big Idea

Students use their calculators to adjust the parameters of trig functions and draw conclusions on how these parameters effect the graph.

Homework Quiz

10 minutes

For the first 10 minutes of class, I will have students take their Homework Quiz for the week which is over worksheets #4-6. The electronic version of the quiz is located on page 2 of today’s Flipchart_Shifting Trig Functions.

Calculator Activity: Trig Transformations

35 minutes

For the middle part of today’s lesson, I want students to begin working through a calculator based assignment (see Basic_Trigonometric_Transformations_Student). Students will need access to their own TI-Nspire calculator to complete this activity.

The activity guides students through developing an  understanding of how parameter changes on a trigonometric function will affect the graph. Students will also learn to identify the period and amplitude of sinusoidal graphs. I like to start this sequence of lessons off with approachable, hands-on calculator work.  Allowing the studentsd time to build on their existing knowledge, I provide the students with time to explore on their calculators. My goal is for my students to complete Questions #1-5 on their handout. (This content is on Pages 1.1-4.2 in their Ti-Navigator calculator file).  However, I encourage students to keep working and complete as much of the investigation as they can in the time afforded to them.

The original lesson published by Texas Instruments can be found here. You can find the answer key to this lesson on this website as well as the .tns file that will need to be downloaded to the calculators.


5 minutes

To close out today’s lesson, I just had a very informal conversation with students about how far they got in the activity and took any questions they had at this point.

If all of my students got through question 5, I will progress to the Clicker Questions on pages 7 and 8 of the Flipchart_Shifting Trig Functions as a closure.


For homework, I will assign Homework 7- Trigonometric Functions. If students did not complete today's activity through question 5, I may hold this homework assignment until tomorrow.