Making Waves... with pasta! (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT generate the graphs of sine and cosine using the unit circle and find the domain, range, and intercepts for the sine and cosine graphs.

Big Idea

Students build the sine and cosine functions using the unit circle and pasta.

Building the Sine and Cosine Curves

40 minutes

Students should pick up where they left off on building their sine and cosine functions. Students should be working through the Student Handout - making waves and using the Building waves templates as an aide. See the Making Waves with pasta Day 1 lesson for more details.

This is what one of my student's work looked like as he started day 2: Sine Curve in Progress

As students completed their work I asked them to hang it around the classroom. It was helpful to have these basic parent functions displayed around the classroom as a reference when we moved into shifting sine and cosine functions and as students started to learn how to write an equation to model various trigonometric situations.

If students finish early, I encourag them to get a head start on their homework for the night.

Closure: Clicker Questions

10 minutes

In the last 10 minutes of class, I stopped my students and asked them to reflect on the four clicker questions on pages 2-5 of today’s Flipchart_ Making waves. Hopefully, students should be using their newly created graphs to identify the domain and range of the sine and cosine functions.


As students finished or at the end of class I assigned Homework 6 - Trigonometric Functions.docx to be completed this evening.


Please note: I have continued numbering these homeworks from the last unit (Rotaitons and Cyclical Functions) as the topics are closley related and my district has us teach this as one large unit. So the first homework assignment in this mini-unit will be #6.