Unit Circle Cake Walk (and other fun Unit Circle activities!)

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SWBAT evaluate the six trigonometric functions of any special angle in radians or degrees.

Big Idea

Students participate in fun activities to help them memorize the Unit Circle.

Evaluating Trigonometric Expressions

35 minutes

Today’s lesson is very informal. My goal today is for students to get practice memorizing the unit circle and quickly evaluating trigonometric functions at angles along the unit circle, and to have some fun while doing it! This is in preparation for their unit circle quiz they will be taking at the end of class today (or I may push it back to the start of class tomorrow depending on whether my students are feeling ready or not).

The main activity I want my students to participate in today is the Unit Circle Cake Walk. Check out the Unit Circle Cake Walk video  for details on that.

While half my class is participating in the unit circle cake walk, I want my other half quizzing each other using the Unit Circle Flashcards. Tips for using these flash cards are on page 1 of the PDF file.

Another fun activity that you could also do with your students is the “I have, who has” game trigonometric style. I have a pre-made package of cards that I use: I have who has cards 1 and I have who has cards 2. They are available for purchase here. I am sure, although quite time consuming, it would be possible to make your own too.

Unit Circle Quiz

15 minutes

If my students are ready, I want my students to completely fill in the unit circle from memory on this Unit Circle Quiz. If a majority of the class does not feel ready, we can also do this at the start of class tomorrow.