Periodicity and Symmetry

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SWBAT use the unit circle to identify the periodicity and symmetry of trigonometric functions.

Big Idea

A PowerPoint presentation helps guides students to use their unit circle to better understand how sine, cosine, and tangent functions behave.

Warm-up: Clicker Questions

5 minutes

Over the last couple of days my students ended up needing more time for the Building a Unit Circle lessons than I expected. To begin today's class, I will use some Warmup Questions that I had planned to use as Closure Questions for an earlier lesson. These questions are located on pages 6-11 of the Flipchart_Building the Unit Circle. Since the students have now learned how to use the unit circle to find sine, cosine, and tangent values, these questions serve as a review.


Explanation: Periodicity and Symmetry

45 minutes

This section of the class is introduced using multimedia.

  1. I used the Unit Circle Symmetry and Periodicity.ppt as a guide to walk my students through using the unit circle as a tool (Mathematical Practice 5!) to learn more about how the sine, cosine, and tangent trigonometric functions behave.
  2. A video narrative with an overview of the PowerPoint is available here: Periodicity and Symmetry, video narrative, overview of PP.MP4