Hunting for Snow: Presentation Day

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SWBAT present their research findings to their classmates.

Big Idea

Being able to conduct research and effectively present the findings are necessary skills for students to have.

Who Wants to Go First???

50 minutes

This lesson is the final lesson in our Hunting for Snow Research Projects.  The previous lessons had students working on Internet research to find places that get more snow than we do and then to find images to represent what that snow would look like.  Those images along with a map were used to create posters.  You can find those lessons here and here.  Today is the day to present those posters.   

To begin the lesson, all students know that today is the day.  They enter with their projects ready to share their learning with the rest of us.  I begin with a volunteer to present and then let each presenter choose the next.

After each person presents, I let two students ask questions and allow the presenter to answer.  I collect each poster and use the rubric to assess.  This grade will serve as a summative assessment for the research standard.   


Wondering Why

10 minutes

After everyone has presented and handed in their projects, and all the questions have been asked and answered, I give my students an exit ticket asking them about research and why I had them complete this assignment.

After they complete their exit ticket, I collect and send them on their way with the weight lifted off their shoulders!!