Double Bubble the Presidents

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SWBAT complete a double bubble thinking map by sorting facts that go with Washington, Lincoln or both. SWBAT complete an art piece of Abraham Lincoln and glue their writing inside his hat.

Big Idea

Washington and Lincoln are important figures in American history.

Prepare the Learner

10 minutes

I teach my kids the song “Do You Know” sung to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Do You Know?
(to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")
Do you know who's on the penny?
On the penny? On the penny?
Do you know who's on the penny?
Abraham Lincoln.

Do you know who's on the quarter?
On the quarter? On the quarter?
Do you know who's on the quarter?
George Washington


I like to use this song because it frontloads the most important fact of all that I want my students to learn about Abraham Lincoln from the read.  It is a fun way to springboard into the book and set the stage for reading! 


Interact with text/concept

45 minutes

Double bubble/sorting

I give the students a double Bubble map of Washington and Lincoln.  I remind students that everything on the LEFT describes George Washington and everything on the RIGHT describes Abraham Lincoln.  We color all of the circles on the left BLUE and all of the circles on the right RED.  I say: Blue is going to be Washington’s color and red is going to be Lincoln’s color.  The circles in the middle we are going to leave WHITE because they go with both of the presidents.

Why color coding?

We read the events together.  After we read each one I ask: Is that a fact that describes Washington or Lincoln or both of them?  If it is Washington, we color it blue and if it is Lincoln we color it red.  I remind students to color lightly so we can still read the words.  If it goes with both presidents, we leave it white.

After we color each of the events, students cut, sort and glue them onto their double bubble map.  Because they are color coded, students usually have an easy time gluing. However, I am monitoring and assisting where needed as they cut and glue.

Extend Understanding

20 minutes

Lincoln art


This is a continuation of the Lincoln art that we began on the previous day.  We first did the writing and today we are making Lincoln and his hat.  We will glue the writing on the hat!


First, fold an 8 ½” by 11” black piece of paper in 3 sections.  The two outer sections to meet in the middle to form a shutter fold.  Next, students cut out Lincoln’s hat brim, face, eye brows and beard.  After this is glued together, we draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth.  Last, we glue the writing into the center of the hat!