Vocabulary Twelve Review

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SWBAT participate in a whole-group guided review and activity of the week's vocabulary words.

Big Idea

Continuing to build students' academic vocabulary.

Vocabulary Twelve Review

40 minutes

This week's words (Vocabulary 12) arrive to my students via a few different sources.  The first five are compliments of Of Mice and Men (pugnacious, ominous, flounce, plaintive, brusque), motif was encountered in the notes on archetypes, and the final four are contributions of my class of students that thrives on vocabulary the most.  These are the students who arrive to class on a Friday, read the agenda on the white board, and proclaim "Yay! Vocabulary today!"  

Recently, some of them asked if they could sometimes provide the vocabulary words, and so I made it an on-the-spot homework assignment, for each student in that class to bring in one word the next day for potential future use.  Thus, without enough words from our text or our lessons this week to fulfill the weekly ten words, I turned to the contributions of my students, who bring us pernicious, moot, glib, and bellicose (The Joy Of Student Selected Vocabulary).

Continue Film: Of Mice and Men

30 minutes

We will continue watching more of the film Of Mice and Men for the remainder of the period.  We began the film in the previous lesson, and I am trying to get each class through to the final scene of chapter three, where Lennie crushes Curley's hand, which is where we have left off in the text.

As I explain in the previous lesson, my method for showing films in class is to break them into a series of smaller viewings, rather than one (or two) entire class period(s) of watching a film at the completion of a text. This sometimes puts some classes slightly behind  with the film excerpts, depending on how long the other elements of the day's lesson take.  For this reason, I loosely plan moments in future lessons, as necessary, for certain classes to get caught up with the film.