Winter Recess Homework Review, Day 2

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SWBAT review math problems that were in their hw packet.

Big Idea

Students teach one another math problems to review old concepts.


5 minutes

Students previously began presenting problems from their vacation homework. See Winter Recess Homework Review, Day 1.  This lesson will be a continuation of the group presentations.

 Before students begin presenting, I will remind them of how they should present and what's expected of them.  I will give them a few minutes to regroup and organize themselves before we start.

Previously I instructed students that each problem they present should take about 4 minutes. Students generally have trouble adhering to a time limit, so it is important to remind them to be organized and clear with the information they are presenting.

Students should review the roles they have, know how to explain their work, prepare questions to ask the class, and anticipate questions that may be asked of them.

Suggested roles:  

Scribe - will show the work on the board

Spokesperson - will explain the work

Elaborator - will pose and answer questions from the class

Summarizer - will summarize key ideas

Group Presentations

35 minutes

Students will continue the presentations of their assigned problems.  See Winter Recess Homework. If I feel a group has presented a problem incorrectly or lacks pertinent information, I will intervene and make suggestions or ask the class for suggestions.


3-2-1 Exit Ticket

5 minutes

Students will be given an index card to use as their exit ticket.  I will post the following prompts on the board for students to respond to.

3 Things I Learned or was Reminded of Today

2 Things I Found Interesting

1 Question I Still Have

Students' responses will be used to assess their understanding of the presentations and former math topics.