Haven't We Met Before? Chapter Two of Of Mice and Men

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SWBAT read chapter two of Of Mice and Men as a whole group and record entries of key passages in their on-going dialectic journal.

Big Idea

Meeting the supporting cast and wondering if they seem familiar . . .

Vocabulary Eleven Homework Review

10 minutes

Before my students take their weekly vocabulary quiz, I ask for volunteers to share their homework assignments as a form of review.  While most of my students elect to create flashcards for homework, I have a few who branch out into some of the other homework options (Vocabulary 11 Collage). Often I will place a student collage or acrostics on the document camera as I check off the homework of my students, so that it may provide any last-minute connections to the words before the quiz.

Vocabulary Eleven Quiz

15 minutes

When all homework is checked and any vocabulary homework has been shared, my students take Vocabulary Eleven Quiz.

Whole Group Reading: Chapter Two, Of Mice and Men

45 minutes

Similarly to the way we approached chapter one of Of Mice and Men, today we will begin reading chapter two.  I instruct my students to take out their classroom spiral notebooks and open them to their dialectic journals.  As we read chapter two as a whole group, with student volunteer readers and myself taking turns, they will record passages that they think are important and explain why they think the passages are important (Student Dialectic Journal).

Many of the novella's characters are introduced in chapter two, most notably, Curley's wife (Meet Mrs. Curley).  As we did during the reading of chapter one, I allow my students to comment on or question passages as we go along, encouraging discussion around characters and/or scenes as they are inclined to do so.

If we do not finish reading the chapter in class, then my students will complete it for homework, along with their dialectic journal entries.