Native American Tribes - Disaster Perspective Writing

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SWBAT write about what it would be like to experience a disaster from the perspective of a Native American from their tribe who experienced that disaster.

Big Idea

Students will be experiencing a mock disaster in their tribe and will write about the disaster from the perspective of a tribe member in history who may have truly experienced that disaster.


Organizing Our Thoughts

15 minutes

In the previous lesson, the students experienced a mock disaster as a tribe as part of our Native American unit.  In this lesson, I will ask the students to write about what it would be like to go through that disaster as a member of a tribe.  They will each write from the perspective of a Native American going through that disaster with their tribe.  To help them organize their thoughts before writing, I will have them fill out a story map graphic organizer.  The graphic organizer I chose to use is actually a story map intended for mapping out a story for comprehension.  We are going to use it backward today.  We are going to use it to organize our thoughts for our writing.  I have included the graphic organizer in the resources.

Perspective Writing

30 minutes

After the students have had a chance to organize their thoughts by creating a story map for their writing, I will give them the rest of the class time to put those thoughts into story for and create their perspective writing piece.  I will remind the students that the story should be written in first person, like they ARE the main character in the story.