Elmer's Day Parade

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SWBAT write a narrative sentence describing what we will look like for the Elmer's Day parade.

Big Idea

We will draw a detailed picture and write a sentence describing what we will look like in the Elmer's Day Parade.

Warm Up

10 minutes

I am using this Elmer book as many times as I can.  The students adore him and so I am taking advantage of their adoration.  Today's lesson will be addressing the CCSS of narrating a single event.  I thought it would be such fun to use a sentence frame where they fill in the blank as to how they would look during the Elmer's day parade.  They would color & decorate a blank elephant to glue onto their paper.  

"We are going to read the Elmer story just one more time.  This time I want you to look closely at the end where the elephants are painted and all decorated really pretty for the Elmer's day parade.  We will talk more about it at the end of the story."

Reading the Story

10 minutes

At the end of the reading I will engage them in a discussion about the possibilities and designs for our elephant in the Elmer's day parade.  

"Ok, I am going to read this straight through to the end where we will discuss the parade.  I need all my friends to sit criss cross with their hands in their laps and their eyes on, who? Yes, Me."

I read the book.

"Look at these funny elephants, I will hold the book so everyone can see the designs on each one of the elephants.  Remember the parade was to celebrate how they are different.  All the elephants painted fun designs on themselves.  How did Elmer paint himself?  You are right, he was the only grey elephant in the parade." 

Writing Activity

10 minutes

I will use a circle map to write down all our ideas as we brainstorm different designs.  I like to use the thinking maps; my students can relate to their visual and organizing abilities.

"Let's all think.  Rub your head carefully and think.  If you were an elephant, how would you decorate yourself for the parade.  I will draw a circle map and we will all tell our idea for the parade."

I go up and down the rows of students and ask each one what they would have if they were and elephant in the parade.  I write all their ideas down.  

"OK.  Look at all the ideas you have thought of.  Now I want you to see the paper you will be writing on.  Here you will be tracing the first part of the sentence frame; In the Elmer's Day Parade I will have ____________.  You need to decide what you will have, will it be stars, polka dots or stripes?  When you have decided, you will write the word on the line and color your elephant.  If you write the word stars on the line, what will you draw on your elephant?  Yes, stars."

I model tracing the words and writing the word, stars on the line.  I color my elephant with different colored stars.

blank elmer color page

"Would my paper passers please give every seat a writing paper and an elephant?"

I dismiss the students from the carpet to get their pencil boxes from their cubbies and sit at their tables to do their work.

I walk around helping students with their words.  As the students finish I gather their papers and have them sit on the carpet quietly reading library books.

Students hard at work

Student work #1

Student work #2

Wrap Up

10 minutes

We gather on the carpet after cleaning up the books.  This is the part of the lesson that tells me they understood the sentence they traced.  If they can repeat the sentence frame and read the word they wrote and their word matches how they colored their elephant then this was a successful writing activity activity.  Sentence frames are good for my ELL students so they can learn proper grammar and vocabulary.

EAch student oral presents their paper by reading their sentence.  We applaud and cheer after each reading.

For Fun

10 minutes

I love to show a video of the book or a reading to help reinforce the vocabulary, story comprehension and the love of Elmer.  I show videos at the end of the day when chairs are stacked, backpacks are on we are waiting for dismissal.