Native American Tribes - Mock Disaster

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SWBAT write about what it would be like to experience a disaster from the perspective of a Native American from their tribe who experienced that disaster.

Big Idea

Students will be experiencing a mock disaster in their tribe and will write about the disaster from the perspective of a tribe member in history who may have truly experienced that disaster.


Disaster Strikes!

10 minutes

Today the students will be surprised with a mock disaster!  For this unit, the students have been put into tribes to research and present information on a Native American tribe from the Utah area.  I will give each tribe a card today that describes a disaster that the tribes may have faced.  Their job as groups will be to come up with a plan of action for their tribe.  What would they do as a tribe if they we in this actual situation?

To start the lesson out, I will ask the students some of the hardships and challenges that the tribes may have faced.  We will list these ideas on the board.  I will then announce that each of the tribes will be facing a great challenge or disaster.  They will work together as a tribe to come up with a plan of how to deal with that challenge or disaster.  

Tribe Action Plans

30 minutes

I will pass out one of the disaster cards at random to each of the tribes.  I will encourage them to use the information they learned in their research to come up with a plan on how their tribe would face that challenge.

To keep the tribes focused and to give them a direction for their plan, I will provide the tribes with questions to think about during their group discussion.  I have included these questions in the resources.  I will also provide the students with iPads and books that they can use as resources to make their decisions if needed.

I will have the students work in groups to create their plans of action.  Each group member will be assigned a role in the group from the tribe member responsibilities chart.

Tribe Action Plan Sharing

10 minutes

After the students have created their plans of action, I will have them present to the class.  First, they will tell what their tribe's disaster was. Afterward, they will explain what they came up with for their plan of action.

This lesson is in preparation for an individual writing assignment that the students will be working on in our next lesson.  I will have the students write about what it would be like as a Native American tribe member to go through the disaster that their tribe is facing.