Olympics Trading Cards

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SWBAT create Olympic trading cards to showcase Olympic athletes.

Big Idea

Students will create Olympic trading cards to display facts learned about Olympic athletes.


1 minutes


4 minutes

I begin the lesson by asking my students if they have ever seen trading cards.  None have.  I tell them for many generations, trading cards have been a popular hobby in our nation.  Trading cards are collectible cards and usually contain a picture of a person along with trivia or details about their life.  Trading cards are common in sports, which makes them very appropriate for the Olympics.  I tell them in this lesson, we will create Olympic trading cards about Olympic athletes.

Trading Cards Research

25 minutes

I explain to students that in order to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of this lesson, they will conduct research on the computer and complete a Trading Card Research worksheet that they will use in creating their online trading cards.  They will research background information on an Olympic athlete - the time period in which they lived, the location and year of the Olympics in which they participated, and the sport in which they participated.  They will research and describe two major events in that person's life and how that person changed after these events.  They will research a problem the person encountered, their goal, and the outcome of the challenging situation.  They will research a memorable quote and action and describe how that person got along with others.  Finally, students will document their own personal impression of the person they researched and what inspired them to make the card.

Online Trading Card Creation

25 minutes

After students complete the Trading Card Research worksheet, they are then ready to use the online interactive ReadWriteThink Trading Card Creator Program for educational purposes.

Click here to go to ReadWriteThink's online Trading Card Creator Program for educational purposes.


5 minutes

To close the lesson, students share information they learned about famous Olympic athletes they admire.  It's like a verbal collage of information about Olympic athletes.