Vocabulary Ten Review

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SWBAT participate in a whole-group guided review and activity of the week's vocabulary words.

Big Idea

Trying out new words together to build student confidence.

Vocabulary Ten Review

40 minutes

We begin class today with a review of Vocabulary #10, with words from the articles debating school sports  (entrenched, antidote), one word used in the video debate (perilous), one word introduced by yours truly in class discussions around argument development (salient), and a fleshing out the list with a return to Barron's  list of commonly tested words I pull from when we come up short of ten new words for the week (lexicon, mettle, nadir, obstreperous, query, raze).

I have designed a whole-group, interactive activity to accompany the review, motivated by the inclusion of the six words that will likely be entirely new to my students (not having had the opportunity to encounter them in context throughout the week).  Each slide in the powerpoint gives my students specific parameters within which to work to construct a sentence that uses the word properly.  In this way, I am providing a little context for each word, especially for the six that will be new to my students.

As students complete the sentences required in the activity, volunteers will share with the whole group, providing an opportunity to hear the words in action, and for me to correct any misuses on the spot.

Final Memoir Writing Workshop

30 minutes

With the time left after Vocabulary Ten review, my students will continue drafting their one-page memoirs, a project that began last week as we concluded Bad Boy, a memoir by Walter Dean Myers. Their final drafts are due next week and now that they are equipped with the rubric, today I will be able to address any rubric-specific concerns my students may have, as well as spot check any drafts that need it, as a final, in-class opportunity to work on their drafts.