Expert Groups

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SWBAT generate examples of student talk around the four team jobs.

Big Idea

Hmm.....what can I say now to move our team toward our goal?


10 minutes

"Students, today you will work with six other students in the classroom who have the same team job as you.  This is called an expert group.  You will meet together for 20 minutes to learn to become an expert on giving feedback to your team related to your jobs of leaders, material managers, enouoragers, and time keepers.  During this time you will generate a list of possible positive statements you can make to help your team accomplish the learning task during cooperative group work.

Will the team leaders please raise your hands.  Meet with Ms. Ana on the back rug.  Time keepers, you will work together at table four, taking turns to come up with positive comments.  Encouragers, please meet with Ms. Mariah at table three.  You will generate words of encouragement.  Managers, please meet with me at table 6 and we will generate a list of the supplies you are responsible to gather and put away.

Does everyone understand your task?  O.K, move to your expert groups."

At this time, students will work for 20 minutes creating anchor charts with 6 other classmates that will support in their cooperative learning group roles.

Group Work

20 minutes

Once students are in their jigsaw groups, they will generate statements and examples they will use when they are in their learning teams.

Coach jigsaw groups in turn taking, and building on each others thinking.  Ideas will be written on a chart to later be shared with the whole group.

Share Out

15 minutes

Regather back on the rug for the share out.  Each jigsaw team will share their list of comments they generated to use when they are working in their teams.  At first I will voice over and restate what students say, then I will use a gradual release model and ask students to take over the revoicing of what their classmates say.