Solving Linear Systems of Equations with Substitution (Day 1 of 3)

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Students will solve linear systems of equations using substitution.

Big Idea

Students will understand the idea of substitution with symbolic and written comparisons.


10 minutes

Students will be solving systems of equations using substitution in today's lesson, so today's Do Now gives students an opportunity to practice solving a linear equation. After 5 minutes, I will ask student volunteers to come to the front of the room to show their answers on the board.

Next, I will ask a student will read the objective, "SWBAT solve systems of equations using substitution". I will ask the class to define "substitution", and to give some real world examples of when a substitution would be made.


10 minutes

Students will complete the "Math Lib" on Slide Two of today's presentation. The purpose of this activity is for students to make a connection between equality and idea of one thing representing another. Students will create their own unique list on the back of their Do-Now sheet, using the criteria on the board.

Next, I will tell students to turn and talk with the people sitting around them, sharing their version of the story with their set of words inserted. I will also ask a few volunteers to share their story aloud for the class. Before moving on, I will ask the students to hypothesize why they think I chose to have them complete a Math Lib, when today's objective is to solve a linear system with substitution. 

Guided Notes + Practice

30 minutes

After the opening, students will continue to follow along with this presentation, while taking notes using this graphic organizer. 

The video below shows how I will present these ideas in front of the class:

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Independent Practice

20 minutes

I will ask students to use the rest of class to practice solving systems of equations using substitution. Students will use a Pre-Algebra and an Algebra handout from the Kuta Software website:

Since they were used during our last class, I want my classes to begin feeling more comfortable with a graphing calculator.  Today, I will ask students to use a TI-Inspire calculator to check solutions as they move along on the handout. I will ask students to complete two to three problems at a time, then to stop to check their solution in the calculator before moving forward to the next one. If their solution does not match with the calculators, I will ask students to work in a pair with me or another student to help get them back on the right track.


10 minutes

I will ask the students to describe how the computer phrase "copy and paste" would be a great analogy to describe solving a system with substitution. Next, a volunteer will be asked to give a short summary of what we learned in class today. Students will then complete an exit card.