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SWBAT perform group work goals and fill out behavior rubric.

Big Idea

Students collaborate through the use of group roles!

My Lens

This lesson builds on an earlier lesson, Team Roles, where students each learned about the four different roles in a table team: encourager, time keeper, leader, and materials person.

In the Historical Fiction unit, students read and discussed books focused on the topic of slavery and the Civil War in the United States.  The team roles facilitated students in working together.


20 minutes

Teaching Points:  

1.  Readers pay attention to objects in the pictures to understand the setting of the story and to build their vocabularies by taking turns looking through the pictures and identifying particular objects.

2.  Students work together in a group following rules and self assess at the end of the period to analyze their behavior and make changes if necessary by filling out a process rubric.

Call students to the rug.  Explain that today they will be working together as a group after the mini-lesson.  They each will have a job or a role in the groups.

Group Jobs

Have the three "readers" each take turns reading the jobs one at a time.  Discuss as necessary to make sure all student understand the 4 job descriptions.

Say, "So that the group work is productive and that everyone masters the learning target, there will be 6 rules that everyone will follow." Here are the Team Rules.

Have the "readers" take turns reading the 6 rules.  Discuss as necessary to that all students understand the rules of group work.

Say, "At the end of group work everyone will fill out a Progress Rubric self-assessing how they followed the rules. To keep everyone honest, you will have the three other members in your team sign the rubric showing that they agree or disagree with the rating."

Explain today's learning task and procedures for the group work.

"Students today you will work together as a team to name all the objects in a picture book that demonstrates the setting and that the story took place in the 1800s.  This activity is one you did last week, and you will be familiar with the task.  Today is different because you will be working together as a team to find as many objects as you can in the pictures that show the historical context of the story.  My goal is for you to learn lots of new words through your sharing with each other."

"Take a look at my RRN (Teacher model of Reading Response).  I will demonstrate once again how to set up a T Chart and will use a mentor text from one of our books to show you what I mean by objects that help the reader set a sense of the setting of the story."



Group Work

20 minutes

Students, in a few minutes I will first dismiss the materials manager to get four books from our shelf for you to analyze the setting and to learn new words.

Today you will work together in your groups in your roles of managers, leaders, timekeepers, and encouragers.  Follow the group Rules we discussed, and at the end of the work time you will fill out your progress sheet.

Your job is to analyze the pictures and text and write down the names of the objects and words that help you understand the setting of your story.

I will circulate throughout the room monitoring groups as they tryout their  jobs and work on the noticing objects in the illustrations and words in the text that indicate setting.