Choice Novel Unit: Is Your Contract Ready?

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of a work of fiction by summarizing key ideas and details.

Big Idea

Ready! Set! Go read!

Contract Ready?

10 minutes

In the days leading up to this lesson, students choose novels to read from a list and are placed in groups based on interest. To stay on track during the unit of study, each group makes a plan for reading using the calendar provided. They also fill out the Student Contract and get it signed by a parent, which is explained here.

Daily Log

20 minutes

For a multi-day unit like this with students reading a variety of books, it is important that they and you have a method to track progress. The Daily Log is a useful tool for doing so, but it takes some explaining. The students need to see how to fill it in. I provide them with a demonstration to remind them that although they are allowed a great deal of independence during this unit they are responsible to complete work in a timely manner.

Time management and organization are important skills for students to master. As the unit progresses, you will see that the Daily Log offers a quick check-in on who’s keeping up, who’s falling behind, and who’s ahead of schedule.

Time to Read

30 minutes

With all the basics covered, it is now time for students to begin reading their novels. I allow at least 20 minutes of silent reading time today and each day that follows.

During the reading, my students use post-its or a bookmark to track important events, jot down questions, or note unfamiliar words. These notes will be used during group discussions where students will check in with peers. I use this time to read with students or small groups that need extra support or to check-in on each group’s progress. You may decide to allow partner-reading to build fluency skills.

The class ends with each group reviewing the reading assignment due the next day.