Editing and Writing Final Drafts of an Informative Paragraph

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Students will be able to use knowledge of language and its conventions by editing their own paragraphs and helping classmates edit their paragraphs.

Big Idea

Students get feedback from their peers to make their ideas and content shine through the use of correct conventions.

Daily Grammar

15 minutes


Editing Circle

15 minutes

Today was a weird day because I had all of my students during first hour, but 70% of my fourth hour was gone for a field trip. Editing their paragraphs worked out really well for all of us, I think.

I only had six students in class today, so I divided them up into two groups of three.  The directions were pretty basic--read your paragraph aloud so catch any mistakes.  Then, once everyone has read their paragraph aloud, switch papers and read the paragraphs independently to catch any punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, etc. errors.

Essentially, they're doing what we do every day during our bellwork, but for their own paragraphs and each other's paragraphs.  The video in this section shows one student seeing some mistakes in her paragraph.

Writing a Final Draft

15 minutes

Once they were done, they wrote their final drafts.  The six students that were in class were able to finish their final drafts in class.  The other 14 students finished the assignment for homework. Check out the pictures of the final drafts in the resources for this section. 

Lesson Resources

Today's lesson picture is a snapshot of one of my students right before she saw something she needed to fix in her writing.