Native American Petroglyphs - Sharing Our Writing

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SWBAT present their opinion writing piece to the rest of the class.

Big Idea

We have been writing an opinion paper. Today the students get to share their writing with the rest of the class.


Sharing Our Writing

60 minutes

We have spent the last few days creating opinion papers.  The opinion piece we wrote about was whether or not we felt, after reading an article written by an archaeologist and viewing a video clip from a Native American, that there are people who can interpret the meanings of petroglyphs and pictographs or that no one really knows the true meanings behind the symbols.

Today the students will get a chance to practice their speaking skills by sharing their essay with the class.  With the implementation of the new CCSS, we do quite a bit more presenting and speaking in our classroom.  The kids at the first of the year got very nervous about it.  Now, they want to share EVERYTHING we do with the rest of the class.

Today our entire reading time will be devoted to sharing our opinion essays.