Native American Petroglyphs - Opinion Writing Project

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SWBAT form an opinion, write about that opinion, and support their opinion with details from the article and/or video clip.

Big Idea

We read an article and watched a video clip with opposing opinions on the meaning of petroglypohs. Students will form an opinion and back their opinion with details from the text or video.


Opinion Writing Project

60 minutes

I our previous lesson, I had the students create a four square writing graphic organizer to plan out their thoughts in preparation for today's writing assignment.  

In this lesson, I will have the students use the four square graphic organizer to guide their writing of their opinion papers.  The students are writing about whether they agree with the archaeologist in the artical "Vernal Area Rock Art" by Byron Loosle and Kelda Wilson that on one can know the real intent behind the symbols left behind by tribes from long ago because we unintentionally bring our own background and experience into it when viewing and interpreting the petroglyphs and pictographs.  Or do the students agree with Antonio, the Native American who explained what the symbols meant and mentioned that those meanings have been passed on generation to generation from tribe to tribe.

I will give the students the entire time today to create their opinion pieces.  

I have included in the resources the writing rubric I will use to grade the student work.