Winter Recess Math Packet Review, Day 1

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SWBAT explain their work and answers to their classmates.

Big Idea

Students teach each other how to solve problems from the vacation hw.

Do Now

5 minutes

The Do Now serves two purposes.  First, it is a review of dividing mixed numbers and word problems. Second, I will use the problem to model how to explain/teach solving a problem.  This will be helpful for students in their group work exercise.


Do Now

Chris is cutting a roll of cookie dough into pieces that are 1/2 inch thick. If the roll is 10 1/2 inches long, how many pieces can he make?

Students will have 5 minutes to work through the problem individually.  Then, I will guide them through the problem solving process.

What are the important pieces of information given in the problem?

What math operation does the problem require?  Why?  How do you know?

How do we divide a mixed number by a fraction?  What's important to remember?

Does our answer make sense?

Group Work

20 minutes

Individually, students worked on the Winter Recess Homework over vacation.  Students are seated in groups of 3 or 4, with at least one high level and one lower level math student in each group.  I will assign each group 3 problems with the following instructions: 

1)  Compare your work and answers for your assigned problems with group.

2)  If you disagree on your answers, discuss and compare your work with your group until you can agree on the correct answer.

3)  If you agree on your answers, plan how you will discuss and solve the problem with the group.  You may ask the class questions, but you should lead them through the solution.

4)  Each problem you present should take 3 - 4 minutes, so be organized!

5)  Each member of your group should have a role.  Suggested roles:  

Scribe - will show the work on the board

Spokesperson - will explain the work

Elaborator - will pose and answer questions from the class

Summarizer - will summarize key ideas


I will give students 15 - 20 minutes to prepare their presentations.

Group Presentations

20 minutes

I will call groups forward to present their problems.  It is important to explain to students what is expected of them as groups present, because students tend to act silly when discussions are led by other students.

Group Presentation Expectiations

1)  Listen without calling out.

2)  If you have a question or disagree with the group, raise your hand.

3)  Take notes if there's something you know is important to remember.

4)  If you used another strategy, share when the group is finished presenting.

After each group has presented, I will add any comments or suggestions I feel are important.


5 minutes

As a class, we will discuss the problems that have been presented.  Through discussion, I will assess the success of the presentations.

What will you take away from the lessons today?

What do you need clarification on?

What types of problems did you have difficulty with?