Connection Time: Planning Our Essay About Ruby's Variations

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SWBAT compose an essay in which they connect the visual interpretations of The Story of Ruby Bridges and evaluate the content of each.

Big Idea

Evaluating different forms of media presentations is an important skill for children to learn.

How Shall We Begin?

10 minutes

We have now witnessed, worked with and discussed five forms of Ruby Bridges' story.  Today the students will begin to write about the connections they've made with each form and evaluate the effectiveness of each to tell the story.

This is going to be an interesting essay for my kiddos as they have NEVER done anything like it before.  We never had a standard before that dealt with different media presentations of a text. In order to make it easier on my students, I wanted to develop a good graphic organizer to give them as much support as I could so that they would be able to focus on the content of the presentations.

When the students enter the classroom today, I tell them about the assignment and we begin to make the rubric.  After we create the rubric, I hand out the graphic organizer and we discuss it.  The graphic organizer is in the form of cards.  I have students cut out each card and put their name on the back.  The reason I made it in card form is so that the students don't get overwhelmed.  A five paragraph essay is a lot for them so my hope is that by looking at one paragraph at a time, students will be less overwhelmed.


Plan It Out....

40 minutes

After the students cut out the cards, I model how to fill them out as if I were writing an essay.  I refer to a student's book so I have authentic words to use.  During this modeling, I can review the skills we've already covered, but that still cause them trouble- topic sentence, paragraph details, run on sentences, etc.  I model the intro paragraph, one of the body paragraphs and the closing paragraph.  

I give the students their goal- to have all the cards done and set them off on their way to plan their paragraphs.  This part seems to be easy for them, but the revising stage will tell us more!! 

Wrap It Up

10 minutes

Some of the students finish their cards and I let them begin their rough draft.  When the time comes to wrap up, I hand out a paper clip to each student so they can clip all their parts together- cards, rubric, rough draft and workbook and I collect the stacks so they can work tomorrow.