Follow the Geese....North

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SWBAT understand the historical significance of quilts to their owners through the creation of classroom quilt.

Big Idea

Differentiate! Differentiate! Differentiate! Use the needs of your students to determine learning tasks.


15 minutes

"Good Morning Students,

Today we will build our collective background knowledge by reading together and discussing and article in the "Carolina County" electronic magazine.

It's published on the internet from the state of North Carolina.  North Carolina is the state where Ms. Anna, your student teacher, was raised.  It is a state that is in the south and it had slavery during the 1700-1850s.

First, I want to show you some maps and pictures to build your background knowledge.I want you to be able to visualize where North Carolina is in relationship to where we live here in the Pacific North West- In Washington state, in the city of Seattle.  Then we will look at some quilt patterns and you will learn more about them.

I will bring up the website and we learn by reading together.  You will be taking notes about what we learn.

Ready?  Here is the article

First we will read it then, you will get a chance to reread it on your own or in a small group to answer some questions about what it says."


Independent Work

40 minutes

First, before I send students off to work, I will revisit the CARES rules with them.  It is a Monday and I want to set students up for a great week.

Roxhill CARES Rules, Chant, and Creed 

The students will use the article to answer the questions on the learning task sheet.

After they finish their choices include:

1. Reading and summarizing slavery and civil war stories using the steps I have taught them.

2. They may choose to make a Flying Geese quilt pattern if they did not finish yesterday. They will watch a video of me explaining The process.

3. They may analyze the different quilt blocks and make a grid using a ruler and a pencil.

Then complete the design using construction paper.


ALL students will be working on a project that is interesting to them and they will be focused.


ELLS and Learning Disabilities

15 minutes

While the class in engaged with answer questions about the article we read, I will pull a small group of ELL students and students with learning disabilities.  The first materials I will use with them is the Quilt Code Document as an informal reading assessment. Next I will check their RRN and listen to them read individually in their books.  Students will read to me from Follow the Drinking Gourd as a guided reading text.   I will also coach them on determining main events by making a picture in their minds and retelling across their fingers to each other to build their language skills.

If time allows, I will pull a group of struggling readers, but are not ELL or SPED and have them read with me an excerpt on the Symbolism of the Quilts.