Ruby Bridges in Textile

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SWBAT to view a quilt depicting events in Ruby Bridges' life and compare it to the text "The Story of Ruby Bridges" by Robert Coles.

Big Idea

Evaluating diverse media representations of a text is an important life skill.

Signing In and Sounding Off

10 minutes

In this series of lessons, we have read a text, watched a play, a dramatic representation and a movie and we've recorded our thoughts on each in our Ruby Bridges Student Book.  Today's lesson is a bit different.  Today we're going to look at a hand- made quilt that depicts a scene from Ruby Bridges' life.

When the students enter the room, they find the Smart board on and a sign in question on it- "Can a quilt be considered art?"


Taking a Closer Look

40 minutes

After students complete the sign in, we discuss whether or not a quilt can be considered art. Most students say yes, it can.  Most students can even recall a time when they've made a quilt as a class project.

I show them the next slide which has a picture of a hand made quilt depicting an event in Ruby Bridges' story.  I have the students record their thoughts in their book and then we discuss the quilt juxtaposed with the text, the movie and the oration.  

This discussion is the most difficult for the students to have because they don't have the practice in analyzing art.  Most of them just say there's no feeling and no mood, so we have to delve further into the fabric, the faces of the characters (Why do the marshalls' faces not show yet Ruby's does?), etc.  Once these conversations occur, the students see more and more and have much more information to record in their book.

Because I know my kiddos and I knew this would be the hardest form to analyze, I set the whole class period aside for this and allowed the to go back into their books as we discussed to add more information.

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

After the discussion and the book work is finished, it is time for an exit ticket.  I want to know so far, which form the students prefer and what insight they've gained.  I hand out the exit ticket and allow them to complete it.  I collect it as they go out the door.