Writing About Theme in "The Hearth and the Salamander" - Final Draft Publishing

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Students will work independently in the computer lab to type and publish their final drafts of the essay on Conformity vs. Individuality in Fahrenheit 451.

Big Idea

This Looks and Sounds Great! I Am So Proud Of Myself!

Anticipatory Set

5 minutes

I start the class period by showing the students our class Edmodo page so they are able to see the place they will turn in their final drafts of their essays. (I have included a Creating an Edmodo Assignment Mini-Tutorial for your reference if you are unfamiliar with the site and its features) Once we have looked at that on our Smart Board, I show them how to format their paper in Microsoft Word. I show them how to set up their margins first (we use 1" on all sides). Next, I show them how to select the font (I allow them to use Times New Roman or Arial). We then set up the spacing options (I have them double space the paper and eliminate the extra space after the paragraph). Finally, we set up the heading on the page (Student Name, Teacher Name, Class, and Date) as well as the Title of the Essay (centered on its own line). This format is a very simplified version of MLA formatting, which I will be teaching the students later on in the semester. 

Once we have done this and the students feel they are adequately prepared, we head over to the computer lab to get to work.

Independent Practice

45 minutes

Once in the computer lab, the students log in and begin to set up their document. Once they believe they have the correct formatting, I approve it and they are able to use the rest of the class period to type up their final draft of the essay, using the feedback from workshop to make the necessary improvements. Checking their formatting is generally pretty quick because I place a copy of the Basic Document Set-up between each computer that models what I showed the students in class, so the students can use it as a reference if needed.

Throughout the remainder of the class, as students are working, I move throughout the room and provide support as needed. Our lab is set up in 4 rows, so it requires close monitoring. We also have a computer program at the teacher computer in the lab that allows us to see all of the student screens. The program allows for students and teacher to communicate as well through messages. I like the program, but prefer to interact directly with the students. By the end of the class period, students should have submitted their final drafts to our class Edmodo page for me to grade. For students that have not completed the task in the class time, I allow them to finish it up during our Academic Prep Time that same day. This is an additional 30 minutes built into my school's daily schedule that is dedicated to academic intervention and enrichment for students.