Unit Project Research with Statistics

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SWBAT apply statistics and sampling to real world situations to understand their importance and use in the real world

Big Idea

Challenge students with a multi-disciplinary unit project that will both engage students in math and improve their writing skills.

Project Overview for Teachers

Online Research Paper Resource Great for Students

The following website is a wonderful about 90 page resource for helping students create a research project.  This website is earth science focused in content but I was still able to use and adapt it to my social studies research project by using the following pages:   14 - 20 and 27 - 32, 40 and 41, 45 - 56, 63 and 64, 71 - 73.  


website: http://www.esf.edu/outreach/sciencecorps/documents/ResearchGuide_NSFGK12.pdf 


Introducing the Project to Students

25 minutes

Making an International Connection