Mickey Mouse Proportions

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SWBAT use ratio and proportion to draw a Mickey Mouse face.

Big Idea

Students develop a concept of proportion visually.

Intro & Rationale

Warm up

10 minutes

Students are asked to try to draw a picture of Mickey Mouse's face from memory. Several students are likely wearing Disney shirts, so that gives them some reference. However, most of the drawings come out looking distorted. Having this initial picture to compare to will hopefully give them a frame of reference for understanding the idea of proportional vs. disproportional.

Power point presentation

15 minutes

I go through the presentation to introduce the vocabulary for proportion and disproportion. The visual examples of proportional changes and disproportional changes are really helpful for ELL students when learning a new concept and new vocabulary. It's true that a picture is worth 1000 words, in any language! The notes in the presentation have good discussion points.


29 minutes

My teacher friend, Katie, and I did this with our classes. This is Katie explaining how she walked students through using ratio to draw Mickey Mouse. She circulated at each step to help students use the ratio grid lines as guides. One thing that might be helpful during this part is to have copies of the original picture (with grid lines) at each table group so they could see more clearly how to follow the ratio grid lines.