My Unique Perimeter Performance Task

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SWBAT create unique words and shapes and determine the perimeter of each one.

Big Idea

I can create things that have their own unique perimeter.


5 minutes

Today I have a quick activity for you to do to wake-up your brain and get ready for more fun with perimeter. Who can remind me what perimeter is? When could I use it in my life? How can I find the perimeter of things? Great! Off you go!

I expect that students will discuss how we can measure items, count unit squares along the outside of a figure or add the labeled sides of geometric shapes


30 minutes

We have been on a journey with perimeter these past few days and I have enjoyed watching you discover that perimeter is all around you! Today we will get to use our creativity to create some things with unique perimeter!

Today your imaginations get to have some fun, because we are going to be creating with perimeter. I drew my name in big letters on this piece of grid paper (show) and I was able to find the perimeter of each letter.

I also had a little fun making a monster, and then finding the perimeter of my new friend. Now, it's your turn to use what you know about perimeter to create on grid paper, and find each unique thing's perimeter.

Students  use the graph paper to create unique figures (MP5) and solve to find their perimeter. I also expect students to label, show their work and be able to discuss how they determined the perimeter of each figure (MP6). 

Share Out

5 minutes

It was exciting to see the new monsters you created with perimeter, and to see how your names came to life with their unique perimeter! Who can share something they noticed today as they were working?