Team Roles

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SWBAT perform a team job to support each other in their table group and our classroom community

Big Idea

Shared Responsibility based on individual accountability


15 minutes

Teaching Point:  Table Groups are more effective when students work together effectively because each person in the group has a job.  Today you will brainstorm with other students to create a list of things you can say in your team role. 

Explain to the students that each person in the group will be assigned a role.  The 4 roles are:




Time keeper

Say, "Students today you will start performing a special job as part of your table groups.  Each of you will have a job.  Managers will be in charge of getting materials and passing them out.  Leaders will be in charge of leading the activity, keeping focus, and starting and ending discussions.  Time keepers will let the group know how much time they have left to complete a task, and the encouragers will say things to encourage group members to do their best work, feel valued and supported.

This year you all have numbers on your desks, and I have used the numbers to assign particular tasks.  Today I am going to do the same thing.   Let's see, how about number ones at each group be the managers, number 2s, you will be the leaders, numbers 3s you will be the timekeepers, and number 4s, you will be the encouragers.  In a minute you will meet with all the other students who have the same number as you.  This is called an expert group  because you will work together to create a chart of what you might say and do in your new role."

"I have titled the top of an anchor chart for you with your team job/team role.  You will meet in your expert group for about 15 minutes to make your poster. While in your group decide how you are going to take turns so that everyone's ideas are written on the chart. After you have completed your chart, each expert group will share the chart with the whole class.

Are there any questions now, before we begin?" (answer any questions student might have).  If you have questions while you are working raise your hand and a teacher will come to your group to help you out.

Dismiss the students to work in their expert groups to create their posters.


Expert Groups

15 minutes

Have the titled anchor charts and a bin of markers on four table groups so students can generate ideas about what they can say and do in their team jobs. Students will take turns and capture their ideas by writing them on the chart.

I will circulate between the groups coaching them on sharing, taking turns, asking questions to deepen their thinking, and giving them positive feedback on their ideas about things they can do and say to their team members in their roles of managers, encouragers, leaders, and time keepers.

Whole Group Share

15 minutes

Tell students they have 5 minutes to finish up before everyone will gather on the rug to see and hear the charts each group made to share the things each person might say and do in their jobs of encourager, manager, leader, and time keeper.

Gather students on the rug for whole group share.  I will ask that students to sit together with their expert group.  The encouragers will sit together, the managers, the leaders, and the time keepers.  I will coach student to be ready to share an idea off of the chart they created.  To reinforce and build  speaking and listening skills, I will ask for students to repeat what their classmate shares. 

After all four groups share, I will dismiss students back to their original table groups.  Now, at each of the seven tables their is one leader, one encourager, one time keeper and one manager.  Students will be ready to support one another as they work on tasks because each student will be accountable for a particular job making the table group function as a group.  In the coming lessons I can call on students to work together using their skills learned today.  Students will maintain their roles for one week.  Then on the following Monday, the roles will rotate within the table groups so that each student will have the opportunity to perform each of the four roles.