The Ways to Freedom Part II

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SWBAT understand the meaning and importance of the Underground Railroad by reading from a website and answering questions.

Big Idea

Free Their Minds! Travel the Internet!


10 minutes

Students come to the rug to sit in their "just right spots" one table pod at a time.  

"Today students you will be continuing what we started yesterday using your ipads to research and answer questions 6-10 about the Underground Railroad.  Here is a copy of the questions you will be answering."

Show student worksheet under document camera.

Call on a student to read the instructions.  Highlight the directions that instruct students to write three sentences to answer each question.  

"Yesterday most of you were very successful on this learning task.  Now, I want you do do a quick turn and talk and discuss what was easy and what was challenging about the task."

Process what the students have to say about the task.

Instruct all students to silently read question 6.  Call on a volunteer to read question aloud to the class. "Watch me as I go to the internet and bring up a website that has lots of interesting and factual information about the Underground Railroad."

At this point you can click on the electronic link to the website that has lots of information on the history of the Underground Railroad.

"Watch as I Click on the link "about the underground railroad" right here in the upper left hand side."

Demonstrate by clicking on the number six in the heading, then continue by reading the question and the following  paragraph.  Then demo how to write a main idea sentence on the student worksheet. Followed by writing two more complete sentences adding additional details from the text on the website.  

"Students, did you see how I wrote the information from the text in my answer, but I did not copy it exactly.  Sometimes, you will need to quote exactly what a text says, and then you will need to use quotation marks to show that the words you are using are not your own.  But instead were said by someone else.  Today you are using the information from the text in an accurate way.  You are not changing the facts, but instead writing them in your own way.  Today, I want you to write accurate facts and try putting them in our own words."

Ask if the students if they have questions, if not hand out the student worksheet and release students one row at a time to get an ipad and to start their independent research.

Independent work

45 minutes

Continue to dismiss students from the rug to get an ipad out of the cart.  Once the students are settled, interrupt them by saying, "Remember students you can use the website listed on your worksheet to find the answers to questions 6-10 about the history of the Underground Railroad.  I am challenging you to write accurate information from the text by putting it in your own words.  Remember to write three sentences.

As students are working circulate throughout the classroom monitoring student work.

Student Work 2 ( page 1)

Student Work 2 ( page 2)

Be on the lookout for student work that you can use during the share out portion of the workshop.


5 minutes

10 minutes before the end of readers workshop, ring the Tibetan Bell to gain students attention.  Select several students to put their work under the doc camera and have them read the question and their three sentence answer.

Point out the great things that you see they have done, such as included a main idea sentence, written two supporting details, wrote accurate information in their own words, used correct spelling and punctuation.  

Student Work 1 (page 1)

Student Work 1 (page 2)