F451 Reading Assignment 2: Day 3

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Students will apply language and reading comprehension skills as they read each section of the novel, while continuing to build upon current skill set and abilities.

Big Idea

Conformity Versus Individuality

Anticipatory Set

10 minutes

Class begins with the students filling out the Conformity vs Individuality T-Chart with evidence from the text to this point as they work to better understand how the two concepts are in contrast to one another.They are not aware of it, but they will be using this organizer as the planning stage of a formal writing assignment that will follow the entire writing process from planning to publishing. Since most of the students still have a notable amount of reading to do before they have completed Reading Assignment 2, I anticipate that the students will not have completed very much of this task during this moment in time, but will have gotten off to a solid start at least. Regardless of this, I still ask for volunteers to share some information they found and included for each of the two topics. I find that this helps some of the struggling students to build some confidence in their understandings prior to beginning the actual writing assignment. I only write down one or two items for each topic before moving on for the time being so as to give them a decent foundation without giving away too much information to those students who may be a bit further behind in the reading. As we prepare to transition into our next task, I ask the students to continue thinking about conformity vs. individuality in the novel as they read, not only today, but as we continue throughout the novel, as it is one of the commonly accepted themes.

Independent Practice

40 minutes

Students are given the remainder of the class period to complete Reading Assignment 2 and at least get started on the questions in the Novel booklet for it. Reading Assignment 2 is the second half of the first official section of the novel, "The Hearth and the Salamander".  I sit with the students and read along as well, moving from one area of the room to another occasionally in order to ensure accountability through proximity and to model good habits and behavior.