What I Learned about Fractions Using Voki

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SWBAT explain what they have learned from the fraction unit by using technology.

Big Idea

Voki is a creative way to get students to assess their own learning about fractions (or any topic), as well as incorporate writing into math.


15 minutes

Today, the students use technology to do a self-assessment of their understanding of fractions.  On the previous day, we reviewed the fraction unit. Included in the fraction review were various problems, such as equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, simplifying fractions, changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, and adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers.  These problems were selected because the students have learned different ways to solve these types of problems.  The students learned to draw models, use fraction strips, draw number lines, and use computation to solve fractions.

The students use Voki to create a character that summarizes what they understand about fractions.   The students are given an instruction sheet along with the rubric (Self Assessment of Fractions Using Voki.docx).  The students must tell 5 things that they have learned about fractions.  Included in what they have learned about fractions, there must be at least 2 key vocabulary words along with their meanings.  Also, the students must give 2 examples using math problems.  

Each student is responsible for creating a Voki.  I give the students 15 minutes to plan their summaries.  At this time, the students brainstorm ideas and math problems to include in their summaries. 


Computer Time

25 minutes

Before the students go to the computers, I review the "How to make a Voki.pptx" power point.  This is not the first time that the students have used Voki in my classroom.  Therefore, we only take a few minutes to review the slides in the power point.  

As the students finish their planning, they may go to an open computer.  Because of the limited number of computers in my classroom, some students go to the math lab to use the computers (which is just a couple of rooms down the hall.)  

Because the students are familiar with Voki, I give them about 25 minutes to type their summaries.  This summary is very important because it allows the students to connect math with writing.  Additionally, it is an alternative way to assess the students.  Students love using technology in the classroom.  This provides them a fun way to show what they have learned.

Whole Class Share

15 minutes

To close the lesson, I bring the students back together as a whole.  Because the students love to share their work, I share a few of the Voki's on the Smart board.  This is another teaching opportunity because it allows the students to hear their classmates way of thinking.  Because the students may include what they want in their Voki's, this whole class share may help a student who did not master a certain part of fractions.