Ratio assessment day

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SWBAT demonstrate their abilities to write and simplify ratios as well as to represent proportional relationships in graphs and tables.

Big Idea

Proportional relationships can be represented by ratios, ratio tables, and graphs.

Intro & Rationale

This assessment will show me what they still need help with in terms of simplifying and determining equivalence. It will also show me what additional review we need with tables and graphs. The results of the assessment will help me determine what kinds of questioning to use to support those who are still struggling and also what kinds of peer instruction will be helpful.

Warm up

20 minutes

The warm up Warm up stump the student ratio table.docx asks students to figure out what other "points" would be on a graph that shows a relationship of 2:5 black to white tiles. Students are asked to write them in a table.

Most of the time for this warm up is taken with going over it Warm up stump the student ratio table notes.docx. I play "stump the student" where I put one of the numbers in the table and they fill in the corresponding one. This way I control the order and avoid having students mistakenly look for the additive pattern.


30 minutes

Students work independently on the assessment. Ratio assessment.docx When they finish they fold their paper in half and I bring them their homework which they may work on for the remainder of class. ELL students may need some additional scaffolding for this test. Questions that are comparative or require interpretation may be difficult for them to understand. Ratio assessment review notes.docx


4 minutes

homework ratio comparisons.docxI expect some kids to finish the assessment earlier than others, but if they are all done they can work together on the homework for the last couple minutes.