Ordering 3 Numbers

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SWBAT place numbers in order from least to greatest on a number line.

Big Idea

We need our little ones to understand how to use a number line to order numbers by placing them in order from least to greatest.

Rev Them Up

5 minutes

Need: Print the "Pass the Paper" worksheet from the resource section. Copy one per group.:

I want my students to review and refresh their minds counting to 120. This will help them in today's lesson to place random numbers in order from least to greatest. Today, we will play "Pass the Paper" to review writing their numbers to 120. 

Directions:  Supply one paper per group in your class.  Have the first person write the number 1 and pass it to the second person.  The second person writes a 2 and so on.  The paper continues to be passed around the group until the group makes it to 120. I instruct my students to place their hands on their heads when done and I will know which group finished first. Check out the resource section and watch the video of my class playing pass the paper.

Whole Group Interaction

15 minutes

Students need to be able to compare number and decide if one number is greater or less.  CCSS expect our first graders to be able to start with any number and count from that spot and to notice when numbers are missing that we can still decide what would come next. (1.NBT.A.1). Our counting system has a structure and I must teach this structure for my students to be able to recognize it and use it. (MP7). Once our kiddos enter Pre-K or Kindergarten, they begin to see counting as a system and are taught that numbers have value and build on each other.  I plan to build on this foundation in my lesson today.

This lesson contains both review and extension opportunities. My class was introduced to ordering numbers in this lesson. They learned that a number line represents numbers in a certain order based on quantity.

I created tags; A, B, C, and D. I will present my class with 4 different numbers and we will use these tags to mark the numbers in numerical order on our class number line. I used alphabet tags instead of 1, 2, 3, and 4 because I did not want to confuse my class by labeling numbers with numbers. I will work through several examples and follow the format below:

Ex. Write 44, 78, 34, 99 on the board.

Class which one of these numbers would we say first if we were counting? (34) I will tag it A.

Which number would come next or be the next smallest number in this list? (44) Tag it B.

Which number would come next; 99 or 78? (78) Tag it C.

Which number would be last? (99) Tag it D.

Independent Practice

10 minutes

I used a worksheet from www.havefunteaching.com to print a practice sheet. This sheet offered my students the challenge of ordering six 2-digit numbers. My instructions were to start by looking for the smallest number in the list, write it first and then move forward from there. It will be a great help to your students if you have a large class number line for them to refer to. You can see in the resource section a picture of one of my students sitting by the number line because it was her tool to solve with and she needed it.  I am glad I had it posted it and she had it to rely on to be successful.