Hunting for Snow: An Internet Research Project (Second Day)

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SWBAT use the Internet to answer a question and present the facts they find in a clear and organized manner.

Big Idea

Finding information efficiently on the Internet is an important life skill.

Digging for More Details: Finishing Up Research

50 minutes

This is the second day of an Internet research project where my students are researching places that get more snow than our city does.  My students were so in awe of the amount of snow that they get in Vermont compared with the amount of snow we get in Columbus, Ohio, that I decided to have them find their own places that get more snow than us and find images to represent what that snow actually looks like.  At the end of the first lesson, students indicated that they still needed time to complete their research so we arrive at today.   

Upon entering the classroom, the students find our ancient laptops set up and booted up for their use along with their note taking form from yesterday.  We review the rubric so they know what they need to accomplish today and they begin right after.  

For the students who are done with research, I let them begin work on their posters.  We spend this entire class period working on research and making posters.  

Giving Chase: Prepping for the Presentation

10 minutes

At the end of the class time, I gather the students back together in a whole group.  The one thing I need to be sure of is that each student has everything they need printed so they can assemble their posters at home.  I want our next class to be devoted solely to the presentations.  

I send the students off with their rubrics, their poster papers and their printables.  I am also sure to send them home with glue sticks or markers if they don't have those supplies at home.  I don't want their grade to suffer because of a lack of materials.