Propaganda vs. Advertising Lesson 3: What's the Difference with these Posters?

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SWBAT determine the motives behind sample propaganda posters created by peers on War World II.

Big Idea

What did You say? Hold your poster this way!

Warm-Up: Techniques used for Advertsing

10 minutes

To get students started with this lesson, we will look at propaganda posters to determine what techniques are used to advertise products and events. As I show each poster, students record answers in thier interactive notebook. At the end of the presentation, I share that the answers to each slide.

Guided Practice: Note-Taking on Propaganda Types

15 minutes

For students to fully understand how cartoons and songs contain propaganda techniques, they will take notes on a propaganda handout, I will facilitate this discussion infusing real-world examples of how these propaganda types are used today. Here are some examples of what I will say in class

Slide One: When athletes are seen advertising a product or brand. Saying that 9 out of 10 8th graders at Ligon go to Enloe High School for 9th grade. 

Slide Two: When magazine ads of beauty products offer women younger results in instant ways. When political candidates call their running opponents names to gain more votes in their favor.

Slide Three: When political candidates film themselves in the backdrop of factories or fields to gain votes of those workers. Seeing the cell phone ads where fear is used to speak of the death caused by texting and driving.

After note-taking, students complete the back side of thier handout to identify various examples of propaganda. This will be the first time that students apply the notes they took to uncover what type of propaganda is used in each practice problem. At the end of this task, I go over with students the answers 

1- Plain Folks   2- Bandwagon   3- Testimony   4- Name-Calling   5- Name-Calling & Fear   6- Glittering Generalities   7- Bandwagon

Independent Practice: Making Propaganda Posters

25 minutes

It's now TIME for students to put their learning into ACTION! Students will get in pairs of 4 to design a propaganda poster about WWII. This activity is a GREAT end to a unit that dealt with the perspective of war through multiple eyes (solider, posters, digital mediums, etc.)

Each group will be given a propaganda poster RAFT bookmarks which outlines the expectations of the self-made poster. Because we have interacted with activities that focus on the advertisement of propaganda posters or signs, students do not need too much direction on how to create their final product. Students will have the remainder of class to create the poster. Since I will grade this assignment for participation, no rubric will be developed for grading purposes.

Wrap-Up: Presentation of Propaganda Techniques

10 minutes

We will end class with groups presenting their posters to their peers. Each group will have a chance to explain the images and wording seen on their posters. Listen to different student propaganda presentation 1, presentation 2, andPresentation 3 to evaluate how the learning activities of this lesson impacted students way of explaining thier understanding in practice.