Walter's Woes: Finding and Using Evidence

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SWBAT: apply concepts of using text to support a topic sentence.

Big Idea

With guided practice, your students can also achieve great text support!

Guiding Question

5 minutes

This Guiding Question was sneaky, because it was really getting the kids to write a topic sentence. When we get into the meat of the lesson, they will begin looking for evidence to support this claim, using the excerpt from Walter Dean Myers' Bad Boy.

Mini Lesson: Modeling

15 minutes

This video is a perfect example of how I had to alter my lesson mid-stride in order to make meaning for my collaborative classes. I'm a big fan of color-coding things, as I'm a visual learner, and I feel like it comes to life for most students. This particular lesson allows students to see connections between claims and evidence, and how those play a part in the body paragraphs. Big stuff!

The students read Bad Boy a few lessons ago and now are asked to work on Finding and Using Evidence to support the claim that Walt changed from 5th to 6th grade (like they wrote in their Guiding Question). Here are student examples of the first page and second page of the assignment (from SpringBoard).

Work Time

25 minutes

During this time, students are using their Guiding Question as the topic sentence, and are flipping back through the memoir to find evidence to support that claim.

I wish that I could truly call this conferring, but since the concept is new and difficult for a lot of my class--it turns out that it's more like "checking in." This first page of modeling shows what I was checking for with students. Were they able to be released to write their own claims, and then support them with evidence?

Wrap Up

5 minutes

These guys have been begging to be on camera, so I gave in. Clearly, they are enthusiastic to be doing such deep and difficult work! I was prompting them to find a connection to our activities today to our Embedded Assessment at the end of the unit, which asks them to write a Character Analysis Essay, using claims and evidence from the book we are reading, The Fourth Stall.

Do you think that connection has been made?