Sinusoidal Project Day 3 or 3

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SWBAT find a curve of best fit and analyze the key features of the model for the situation.

Big Idea

How does the midline, period, and amplitude describe my data?

Completion of project

40 minutes

Today students get started right away. I give each group the exit slips from yesterday. This is a way to remind students what they need to complete. I remind students about the due date.

I have many groups upset because they cannot get the model to fit the data perfectly. I think this is because most data worked with prior to this activity has been designed fit perfectly. To help students see that a model may not be perfect I ask:

  • When you graph your data in science and find the line of best fit do all your data points fall on the line?" 
  • What does the word "model" mean?
  • When you collect data in an experiment can you have outliers?
  • Why would your data be great for the first period and not the second period?

Other issues I deal with while students work are struggles with the spreadsheet and Google Document.




5 minutes

As class ends I remind students that this is the assessment for this unit and when the project is due.

Here is an example of a project.  The students discovered how to wrap text around images. This paper also shows that the students understood the meaning of key graph concepts in context. They also give details on why they chose the 23rd of the month and why the picked Arizona.