Sinusodial Project Day 2 of 3

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SWBAT find a curve of best fit for data that is sinusoidal.

Big Idea

What does the midline, amplitude, period and frequency mean in context.

Bell Work

3 minutes

Today the students are working on their sinusoidal project/assessment. I begin class by checking on any questions students have about the project. Students are told again that I will help them with the spreadsheet if it is not working well but they are on their own when finding the curve of best fit and explaining the key concepts such as midline, period, amplitude etc.

My students have not had extensive work with spreadsheets, I do not want students to struggle with the spreadsheet. This is an assessment on modeling situations that are sinusoidal. I let the students know that the spreadsheet is designed for a sine function. If they want to do a cosine functions the formula will need to be adjusted. Some students will know how to change the formula while I may need to change the formula for others..

I remind students that each group will turn in the end product. This will be submitted in the Google Classroom.



Project work

35 minutes

While students work I move around the room answering questions and informally assess the students work. This video clip shows a group that is working on the spreadsheet and wants to use the month names instead of converting the months to numbers.  As the student is working he notices the best fit column gives an error and asked why.  I tell him that the months must be numbers for the formula to work.

One group collected  data by doing an experiment. This video shows the partners discussing how to collect the data.  The second video shows the partners determining how to measure the time. As the group worked they determined a period was moving from the start point through the swing and back to the start point.  The group did discuss having the period be half this which is possible and would have changed their model.

In this video the partners are discussing how the values are the same at different dates.  This group is looking at the moon phases. Seeing this pattern shows that they are verifying the data can be modeled with a sinusoidal.




5 minutes

With about 5 minutes left in class students put away the technology. I check with the class to determine what questions they have. Some students want to know how to copy the graph from the spreadsheet to the Google Document. I have a student from class demonstrate how this is done. After the explanation I have another student go back through the process explained to make sure the process is misunderstand.

The final activity students do today is to determine what needs to be done to complete the project. Students write this on an exit slip. This gives students time to reflect on their work. It also lets me see how much work was completed by each student.