Revising Our Argument for Presentation Part 1

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SWBAT work as a team to revise one argument and prepare for presentation.

Big Idea

Identifying problem areas and choosing the right tools to fix it.

Warm Up

5 minutes

When students enter the room the following will be on the SMART board:

Please take from your caddy a copy of a very famous speech.  This speech is one of the best known arguments in the history of the women's suffrage - the time when women were trying to get their right to vote.  

Read it silently and discuss your thoughts at your table.


The speech in the caddy is Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman"

The speech will appear very short, plain and simple.  It may even be difficult to read due to the dialect. This is what I want.

Lesson/Independent Work

45 minutes

After students have had a few minutes with the text of the speech, I will bring them together to ask what they thought.  Usually, they aren't impressed.  So, I ask them…what is missing?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes but eventually we get to the point that speeches are meant to be presented.  Presentation can change everything. To prove this point, I explain that we are going to view an actress portraying Sojourner Truth when she delivered this many, many years ago.

After viewing the video, students are always blown away and want to watch it again. So, we talk about what the presentation brings to the message….her voice, pausing for effect, gestures, eye contact. It's not just a person reading a speech - it's a show. It's all about getting the audience on your side and you can't do that looking at your feet.

Next, I challenge each table to select- from the pieces written by those at the table -one to represent the group in their own group presentation.  

I require that each person share their speech with those at their table and read their speech aloud as their table mates follow.  Then, they must select one which they will revise and present with whatever media or props they want to include to get the audience to "pass" what they are arguing about.

I will circulate as students read, discuss and select.


Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I will ask that each table send me the title and author's name of the presentation they are going to use to represent their table.

Tonight I will make sure that I have read the 24 pieces selected for my four classes (6 tables in each of four classes).  These need to be read tonight so students can finish getting them ready tomorrow for presentations on Monday and Tuesday.

I actually started my conference work last night when students were supposed to have their final draft complete.  It will take tonight, the weekend and Monday night to complete the reading of all 100+ pieces.