Procedural Text: Culminating Activity

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SWBAT describe steps in a procedural text.

Big Idea

How do we communicate ideas through a series of steps that relate to the final goal ? Students explore the components of effective procedural texts.

Overview of Procedural Text

20 minutes

    Students review the combined lessons on Procedural Texts that they have been taught previously.  I show students the Procedural Text Flipchart that I created for previous lessons in order to review the content knowledge for procedural text.  I take previous student samples and review a few of them with the class.  

     Prior to conducting this type of assessment, students and I discuss the norms and expectations during assessments of others' work or self-assessments. I explain to students that we are following the rubric and not making personal judgment of writing samples.  Although I do not show the names of students on the samples, I ask the class to critique both strengths and weak areas to provide a balance approach to assessment.  We discuss the purpose of this assessment, which is to gauge our progress in the learning continuum towards the goal.  My students conduct self assessments daily via rubrics, scales, ticket out the door, etc.  Once a climate of acceptance is established, students take academic risks without fear of mistakes.

     We examine writing samples under the document camera.  Using .Procedural Text rubric as a guideline, students give me feedback regarding the quality of the procedural text.  I had conducted an Interest Survey prior to this lesson, so that students have input on the procedural text that they will analyze for this lesson activity.   I pre-selected four samples because I have four cooperative groups consisting of five to six students per group. 

Step by Step

20 minutes

     I ask students to work in cooperative groups to create and assemble projects based on the step by step directions of their assigned procedural text.  The projects were created by students in the class in previous lessons. I pre-selected one  per collaborative group for this lesson.  In this activity, my class interest surveys influenced the pre-selected procedural text that was assigned per group.  The groups will work on:  Recipes, Crafts, Games, and Assembly manuals. Each member has a role as indicated on the Promethean flip chart.  I limit their time to 20 minutes to work together and assemble or create their projects.  I ask each group to critique the quality of the text features they are assigned, following the Friendly Critique Guide.

Sampling Manuals

20 minutes

    Students gather together to share out their experiences in following their procedural text.  They discuss their experience with following the directions for their assigned project.  Using the rubric, students highlight both positive and negative aspects of their activity.  Furthermore, students give suggestions on how to improve the procedures.  At the end of this lesson, I ask each student to complete a Collaborative Team rubric to rate themselves and their effectiveness as a team member.  Each student completes an  Individual Rubric to self-assess their effectiveness as team members.