Significant Choice

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SWBAT explain how choices affect life consequences.

Big Idea

Do all choices have an impact on self or others?

Choice Discussion

10 minutes

As the class read the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor, the impact of choices has been a recurring theme.  Throughout the novel, students have kept responses and charts about significant choices that have been made by the protagonist, Paul, and other characters in the novel.

Today, I asked students to review their records and evaluate the choices focusing upon "significant" choices that were made - either by Paul or other characters - and think about how these choices impacted Paul and how he developed as a character.  As they reviewed their previous responses, they needed to think about the impact it had upon Paul.  Did the choices make a difference in Paul's life?

Selecting Significant Choices

20 minutes

After students reviewed their records, I provided a chart for students to select those choices that they thought had the most impact upon Paul.   I explained that the choice recorded should have had numerous effects upon Paul - not just one minor change in his character.

Within their small groups, students shared their interpretations and observations with other students so that their reasons for analysis of character development were fully explained.  It provided students an opportunity to voice their critical reasoning aloud and receive feedback from others in their groups.  They were able to reflect upon whether their logic in character development was relevant and interpreted accurately.

Students were then given an opportunity to refer back to their own work - add/change details and impacts that they thought were relevant.

The Most Significant Choice

30 minutes

After students identified and evaluated their significant choices, I asked them to review their charts and decide which choice was really significant in Paul's development as a character/teenager.  They also needed to consider specific examples of the impact upon Paul.

The prompt provided was:

Select one significant choice made by a character in the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor.  Using the complete writing process, construct a multi-paragraph essay demonstrating the impact of this choice upon Paul's development as a dynamic character.  Remember it must be one choice and include three consequences that resulted from this choice.  Be sure to include details, examples, and textual evidence that support your arguments.

Students began organizing their ideas using an adjusted Perfect Paragraph organizer.

Before beginning their Rough Draft, students peer conferenced with one student in their small group.  Each gave feedback as to whether they could follow the relevance of the examples in relationship to Paul's character development.

Writing Process

50 minutes

Today, they completed the graphic organizer and began the Rough Draft.  If they could not finish the Rough Draft, students completed it for homework.

The next day, students revised and edited using Revision Strategies previously used in class; then wrote a final copy.