Review: Polygon Properties

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Students will be able to apply polygon properties while writing proofs.

Big Idea

In a menu activity, students will move around the classroom to choose the proofs they will write before they do a Four Corners debrief.

Homework Review

20 minutes

To prepare for the unit assessment, we need to spend time reviewing the proof from the last lesson’s practice.  I give students time to review the proofs in their groups, asking them to decide on the highest quality proof for each problem.  I choose at least one student volunteer to display his/her work under the document camera to share their ideas and to receive feedback from the class (MP3).  I make sure to give students’ time to revise their own proofs and make additional notes to themselves as they prepare to study.

Classwork: Special Parallelogram Proofs Menu

30 minutes

In this menu activity, students have the choice of working individually, in pairs, or in groups.  They circulate the room, choosing from four different proofs, gluing the proofs into their workspace, where they will write out their proofs.

Four Corners Debrief

20 minutes

At this point, students have spent quite a bit of time working on challenging proofs so I give them a chance to process the work they have done to get a sense of what they understand. 

I want boost my students’ confidence in the content while helping them to elevate the quality of their, which is why I use a Four Corners structure to give them time to become “experts” on the proof.  Each student will go to his/her respective corner to become an expert on a particular proof; after sharing, asking questions, and comparing different approaches, each student will return to his/her home group to present the work and to take questions and answers, which requires them to explain their ideas precisely (MP3, MP6).  

Individual Proofs: Proofs with Parallelogram Properties

20 minutes

Since this is the last lesson before the unit assessment, I want to make sure students have time to do some individual work to make sure they can apply their understanding on their own to write their own proofs.