1968: Examining the Documentary and Informational Text (3 of 3)

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SWBAT analyze various accounts of subject told in different mediums, determine which details are emphasized and synthesize multiple sources on a subject by researching 1968 in film and print.

Big Idea

Synthesizing multiple sources is a tough task!

Warm Up

5 minutes

To continue exposing students to various mediums describing 1968,  I will play Steppenwolf's  "Born To Be Wild."   While the song is playing, I will ask students to answer the question:

How does the song describe the 1968 you have learned about from the text and the video?  

This is another opportunity for students to integrate ideas of 1968 from different mediums (RI.9-10.7)

Let's Synthesize!

30 minutes

Students have read an informative text and watched a documentary covering numerous topics about 1968.  We have compared these topics and analyzed them across two mediums. We watched film, listened to music, analyzed images and read multiple types of text.  Students determined which details are emphasized in each (RI.9-10.1, RI 9-10.7).  Now, students will synthesize the two sources and complete the writing on the 1968 assignment. I'm asking students to decide which two of the many sources (documentary, articles, photographs, song)  we have read/listened to/watched  most completely covered the topic they are choosing.  While students are writing, I will be walking around and checking in with struggling students.  While assessing students, I want to see that they can make a solid judgement about the sources and back that judgement up with synthesized evidence.  


10 minutes

To end this mini-unit, I will ask students to write creatively.  I will give the students ten minutes to answer this question:

Put yourself in 1968.  Explain what type of person you would be.  What kind of music would you have listened to?  What clothes would you have worn? What would have been your job? Which of the events would have been most significant to you? (W.9-10.10)

Answer on a piece of your own paper and turn into the tray.  


When students finish, we will discuss their ideas.  This Why I Chose This Assignment video offers extra support.